Welcome to the official website of Colţea Church of Bucharest

    Located at the very heart of the capital city, very close to kilometer 0 of Bucharest, Colţea Church Bucharest is an important landmark for all tourists, believers and pilgrims alike.
With a history of over 300 years and a stunning architecture, hosting national artistic heritage values, Colţea Church is a living testimony of the past, an invaluable proof of the present and a hope-filled gateway to heaven.

    Colţea Church can effortlessly be perceived as an oasis of silence and of prayer, an intercommunion space for Orthodox believers who attend its rich programme, sermons and catechesis. The patron saints of the Church are: The Three Holy Hierarchs and Saint Paraskeva.

    In the church, the believers can worship the holy relics of Saint Martyr Catherine of Sinai, and one of the Romanian miracle making icons of the Holy Virgin.

The doors of the church, recently restored, will daily welcome those who seek the peace and quiet and those who want to experience the serenity of silent praying.